Frequently Asked Questions

Why hire Gourmets of Dubrovnik ?
We are a licensed, insured travel agency- the benefit of which means your payment and booking is secure and you can deal directly with us, not via a third party.

Who travels on Gourmets of Dubrovnik ?
We attract travelers of all ages; singles, couples, friends and families from all around the world, but especially from the US, Australia, Canada and Asia Far East countries. Our guests are curious about Croatian gastronomy and culture and want to experience trips perfectly organized that are different from the mass ones.

How to contact Gourmets of Dubrovnik ?
Feel free to reach out to us by email, Skype, WhatsApp or Phone. We're excited to meet you and start planning your next adventure!

How much does a Gourmets of Dubrovnik tour cost ?
Our prices are based on several factors including: the number of guests in your group; the style and number of meals; the type and number of wine visits and tastings and additional activities (cooking course, food tour, guided nature walks, etc)

How do I book ?
Contact Us - Fill out the "Contact" form with as much detail as possible. 
Our expert team will then analyze your request and begin an ongoing conversation with you over email or by phone to figure out the perfect itinerary for your trip at the right price.

Can kids go on your trips?
Of course! We would adapt our itineraries to the type of group signing with us.

Do your prices very depending on the group size ?
Yes, for all our private tours and activities our prices vary depending on the number of people taking part. We do offer prices for groups of 2 till 8 people and with groups of 8 people on a tour we want to make sure that everyone gets a real personalized experience For bigger groups, we do quote on a customized way.

Can we accommodate food allergies and dietary rescrictions ?
We can accommodate most allergies and dietary restrictions. Please do let us know in advanced and we will adapt menus to meet your needs.

Are tours handicap accessible?
Not all of the locations are wheelchair accessible. There can be at the locations high steps to make or different floorlevels to take, we are very sorry for that.

In what languages are the tours?
Our tours are generally in English, but we also can offer tours in Italian or German. Please let us know in advance which language you and/or your group prefers.

Is there something you suggest to take with us during the tours?
Absolutely!  We  suggest  to  take  with  you  Many  Spons  of  Smiles,  and  a  Bag  Half  Full  of enthusiasm. The rest will be filled during our adventure together. 

Do you support corporate, or private events?
Yes we absolutely do!  We can accommodate a variety of special requests (Family Reunions, Birthday Parties, Team Building Events for Company’s, Weddings,Travel Plannings)