Korčula island

Korčula is an island of exceptional natural beauty, amazing wines,pebble beaches and rich cultural heritage

Described as "little Dubrovnik”, picture perfect, the crown jewel of the Adriatic and the Emerald isle, Korcula is a true example of the natural beauty that the country of Croatia boasts.
Its most visited destinations are the town of Korcula, known as mini Dubrovnik, with its cluster of terracotta roofed houses above medieval fortified walls and round towers, facing a narrow sea channel with mountain views from the neighbouring peninsula, Lumbarda a small village surrounded by Grk-producing vineyards and the only sand beaches on the island and Vela Luka, the island’s second main port on its western side; a modest resort, known for its prehistoric archaeological finds. Smaller towns and villages around the island, such as Brna, Prizba and Racisce are less popular but offer a quieter, more local holiday experience, away from the increasing tourist crowds in Croatia.
Covered in oak woods, vineyards and olive groves, with plenty of clean, sandy and pebbly beaches, with tradition of fishing going back thousand pf years, Korcula offers fresh fish, home made pasta with interesting sauces, grilled meats, exceptional olive oils and delicious local white wines Posip and Grk, and some wonderful reds coming from the grape called Plavac.
The story of winemaking in Korčula is an ancient tale, dating back to the Greeks, but these days it can be summarized into two major winegrowing regions, and three most significant wine varieties grown on the island.